ILA 2018 Annual Conference

Idaho Library Association organizes an annual conference in October of each year to bring together Idaho's library workers, students, sponsors, and more to exchange ideas and inspiration. ILA is all about strengthening and empowering library community--because Libraries Rock! Together with industry pros and visionaries, you’ll learn about the latest practices, techniques, and strategies for delivering your best work. Join us at ILA to explore how libraries are innovating and what part you can play, #ila2018 #idaholibrariesrock !

2018 Conference Committee

Chairs: Karen Yother, Robert Perret

Treasurer: Bruce Godfrey

Local Arrangements: Ben Hunter, Beth Hendrix

Programs: Ashlyn Velte, Beth Hendrix, Jessica Bowman, Erin Stoddart

Registration: Kiersten Kerr

Publicity/Marketing: Ashlyn Velte, Jessica Martinez, Anthony Saia, Evan Williamson

Vendors: Rami Attebury

At Large: Cynthia Durbin, Emily Sitz, Jane Clapp, Samantha Franklin, Sheila Fuch

vintage idaho pep band