Session One

Session One Descriptions

Thursday, 10:00am - 11:00am, University Inn

Concurrent sessions take place throughout the University Inn, see the room map for detailed locations.

Weeding for Greater Engagement, Centennial Room

  • Presenter: Ann Morgester
  • The one who retires with the most books does NOT win! The one with the most engaging collection WINS! Part presentation and part collaboration this session will harness the collective experience in the room to brainstorm weeding and collection development strategies for school librarians. Why we need to weed. How to make it happen. Come join the discussion. This presentation will use a combination of low tech posters for write arounds and online tools such as Padlet ( to collect and share the work of the groups. The purpose of this presentation is to harness the collective knowledge and experience of the group to inspire the confidence to weed those collections. I believe that failure to effectively weed our collections is censorship. Either students only have access to outdated, inaccurate or un-engaging materials, or they need a machete to bushwhack their way to the books you do have. If the only book you have on highly popular topic is 20 years old, black and white, and poorly laid out, students will check it out; what other choice do they have? However, as soon as you get new, engaging, and accurate books they will abandon the old ones without a backward glance. We do our patrons no favors when we economize by curating a collection of old, out of date materials.

A Model Public Library Board Meeting, Appaloosa Room

  • Presenters: Kevin Tomlinson, Emily Sitz, and Patrick Bodily
  • Ever wonder if your library’s board meetings could be better run?  Or if you could save time and still cover everything?  Watch our model of a typical board meeting.  The board will gather quorum, observe standard meeting practices and open meetings law, consider gift policies, challenged materials, and more.

Secrets to Partnership Success, Gold Room

  • Presenter: Marcy Timblin
  • Meaningful partnerships can be a springboard to success or a dungeon of disappointment. The key concepts discussed in this session will position your organization for productive and blissful partnerships while helping you to avoid common relationship disasters.

The Death of Net Neutrality: What Does It Mean for You & Your Library?, Palouse Room

  • Presenter: Dylan Baker
  • What does life after the death of net neutrality look like? Following the FCC's vote to repeal net neutrality in December 2017, many questions were raised about what the loss of net neutrality would mean for all of us who use the internet. In addition, other questions surfaced about what the lack of net neutrality would mean for organizations like libraries that provide access to the internet for so many. We'll consider all those questions and more while investigating how to continue living on the internet in the absence of net neutrality.

Exploring The Library’s Role in Idaho’s Early Learning Landscape, Washington Room

  • Presenters: Staci Shaw and Martin Balben
  • The Idaho Commission for Libraries is focusing efforts on early childhood education, specifically programs and services to 4-year olds and Kindergarten readiness. Join us for this roundtable discussion about what is being done around the State and areas where the Commission can provide resources and support.

Introduction to service design thinking principles, Idaho Room

  • Presenter: Deana Brown
  • Do you play a part in providing a service at your library? Of course you do! Whether to internal or external stakeholders, we ALL provide services. Want to discover a framework you can use to assess and improve any service? Great! This session will cover where service design came from, how it differs from design thinking, introduce service design’s five basic principles, walk through an example of its application, and provide resources for further investigation. Let’s get you thinking about how you can use service design in your workplace.