Session Two

Session Two Descriptions

Thursday, 11:15am - 12:15pm, University Inn


Elementary School Libraries Top the Charts!, Centennial Room

  • Presenters: Jeannie Standal and Staci Shaw
  • School Library Access Mini-Grants are turning librarians into rock stars, tuning in to the needs of beginning readers and moving the dial on reading proficiency. Join us as we share the hits (and some misses) from a six-year study-- it’s got a great beat, and everyone can dance to it!

I Have a Great Idea! Patent and Trademark Basics for Libraries, Appaloosa Room

  • Presenters: Heather Grevatt
  • It seems like everyone has a great idea these days, but understanding whether that idea qualifies for intellectual property protection can be overwhelming. Can I patent this? How do I trademark my logo? Can I copyright and patent something? Questions like these can be daunting for any librarian, especially when the lines between reference and legal advice start to blur. In this session we will outline the basics of different types of intellectual property and available Idaho resources for those who wish to know more. We will cover the issue of disclosure, why prior art searching matters, and avoiding inventor scams. Bring real patron questions to share!

Increase Community Engagement with Your Library, Gold Room

  • Presenters: Colleen Schowalter and Pamela Johnston
  • Libraries serve our communities and rely on our communities for their engagement, support and funding. In this session we will discuss leveraging your volunteers to increase community engagement with your library. Volunteers are advocates for your organization. They go home and talk to their friends and family about their volunteer experience, they vote, and they recommend your library as a resource. Increasing the number of volunteers at your library will increase your number of community advocates. This session will include different types of appropriate library volunteer positions, resources to recruit and orient volunteers, setting staff and volunteer expectations, addressing staff concerns regarding volunteers, volunteer training, and volunteer retention.

Beyond identifying fake news: providing effective media literacy PD to librarians, teachers, and parents, Palouse Room

  • Presenter: Erin Downey
  • Fake news has real-world consequences, but the fact is, most adults see themselves as much more media literate than they actually are. How can we provide effective coaching for teachers and librarians so that they are more able to assess their own levels of media literacy and can provide more authentic and productive lessons for their students? Engage in a series of collaborative table discussions and develop a PD exercise to take back with you.

Thinking Outside the Book: Lending Non-Traditional Items, Washington Room

  • Presenters: Justin Prescott, Stephanie Bailey-White ,Dylan Baker, and Kiersten Kerr
  • Libraries are circulating a lot more than books these days. Learn the ins and outs of Meridian Library District's "Book a Bike" Bicycle Check-out Program from concept to the first patron riding away on a checked-out bike. Hear about lessons learned and changes made for the second year. At least eight Idaho public and school libraries are now checking out WiFi Hotspots to patrons for home use. Hear what their challenges have been and find out if it might be something to consider for your library.

"Making” recruitment and retention rock! Idaho Room

  • Presenters: Diane Prorak, Robert Perret, and Sarah VanGundy
  • The UI Library First-Year Experience Team participates in many university recruitment and retention events, which often means time spent tabling next to other campus organizations at information fairs, where competition for students’ attention can be fierce. We have had to consider how to attract students to the Library table and then engage them in a way that helps them learn something that will contribute to their college success once we have their attention. We have tried several approaches to engagement over the years, with varying degrees of impact. Most recently, we have used the popularity of DIY "maker" culture to attract the Vandal community by offering them the opportunity to make personalized buttons at our table and learn about the Library of Congress Classification in the process. In this presentation, we will share our challenges and victories in the “university fair table competition.” Attendees will learn from our failures and successes and have the opportunity to make their own buttons.