Wednesday, October 3rd

Preconference Workshops

Half-day workshops:

Book Mending

  • Presenters: Amy Thompson, University of Idaho Library
  • Abstract: TBD

Project Management for Librarians

  • Presenters: Katherine Lovan, Middleton Public Library ; John Thill, Meridian Library District
  • Abstract: Librarians manage projects all the time! While projects are different, the process for keeping all the pieces on track is basically the same. This training will teach you to: Plan for success, Identify & address problems early, Manage your time, Foster teamwork & accountability, Archive your learning for future projects. Join presenters John Thill and Kate Lovan for a day of learning. If you have a project in mind, you will leave with a completed plan, including budget and action steps, so you can start immediately!

Dream, Design, Defend, Do (Done Dirt Cheap)

  • Presenters: Kate Radford and Idaho Commission for Libraries
  • Abstract: Do you work in, support, or spend time in libraries? Do you want to feel better prepared the next time you have a great idea? Join SPLAT members to develop some concrete next steps for your idea. In this pre-conference session, you will walk through the process of creating and implementing a new idea. Dream: Think up an idea for a project at your library or in your community. Design: Explore tools and concepts such as universal design, design thinking, and user experience. Defend: Nail your elevator speech and practice with fellow library folk. Do: Leave with an actionable plan to get started on your project when you return home from ILA.

Full-day workshop:

Super Librarians Present Super Programs

  • Presenters: Karen Yother, Mandi Harris, Nick Madsen (all at Community Library Network)
  • Abstract: Looking for new, hands-on, dynamic programs for children and teens you can offer at your library and in your community? Look no further. The Super Librarians from the Community Library Network will introduce you to Full STEAM Ahead, Sensory Story Time, Naturebrary, “Bonjour, Mes Amis!”, MakerTots, NERF Squadron, It Club, Music & Movement, Kindness Club, Newfangled, Chillaxin’, Dalton Days, service to kids in Juvenile Detention, USDA partnerships, Little Community Libraries, Story Walks, Kids Craft Fairs, Bloxels Club, Community Baby Showers, Community Gardens, Fandoms, and more! Learn how you can enhance current programs or develop new, engaging programs for minimal cost as well as ideas for funding for those larger projects. Plus, what to do about summer reading- registration, prizes, programs, stress! We will share tips and ideas to help deal with all things summer. This hands-on session will inspire and excite you.

Executive Board Retreat

Afternoon meeting for ILA Executive Board members.

Opening Reception

Evening reception at Moscow Public Library (included in registration).